Our Services

Game Film:

Varsity Media is available to film individual games and sporting events.

Varsity Media is available to videotape single sports events of all levels and ages. As part of our videotaping service, we offer the coach a digital file of the game following shortly after each contest, and are also available to upload directly to your team's Hudl or Krossover account.

Varsity Media offers competitive rates for videotaping and we work with Athletic Directors, Booster Clubs and team parents to help fund our services.

Contact Varsity Media today and ask about our team packages!

Recruiting Videos:

Varsity Media produces college recruiting reels for any high school athlete.

Varsity Media produces individual recruiting videos for high school athletes looking to play at the college level. Our videos provide special editing effects to showcase an athlete's skills above his or her competition.

Our video includes a video resume section with specific bio information, a highlight section of an athlete's best plays, and extended game action, because a college coach is interested in more than just highlights.

In today's ever competitive recruiting world, having a highlight video is essential. Let Varsity Media help you get discovered, save money on college tuition, and most importantly, help you land a spot on the college team!

Live Streaming:

Varsity Media has the technology to live stream any event.

Live Streaming from Varsity Media allows your fans & friends to never miss any of the action while they're at work or out of town!

Our HD Live Streaming Video is available on all computers, tablets AND smart phones.

Action Photography:

Varsity Media offers action photography of any event. We get up close to capture the best moments from your special day. Our still photos serve as great keepsakes for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our photography specials.

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Social Media Content:

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best possible experience. With social media being such a strong presence in today's world, we routinely post and tweet video on behalf of our clients!

Sample social media posts include top plays, game highlights, previews of post-season games and competitions, team/player special occasions and special features. It's our way of giving back to our clients!

Team Highlight Videos:

Varsity Media produces team highlight videos with music and special effects.

What's the best way to re-live the memorable plays from the past season? By having Varsity Media produce a team highlight video!

We capture the very best plays and set them to music and cool editing effects that will ensure you never forget the year. Our highlight video package includes a digital copy for every player and coach on the team.

A Varsity Media highlight video is a great feature to have at your team's banquet.

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We travel around the East Coast covering Tournaments, Shootouts & Showcases.

Varsity Media is available this summer to videotape your athlete and team at any tournament you compete in.

Our professional video coverage is exactly what college coaches need to evaluate your son or daughter's chances of making the team!

If you are a parent of a lacrosse player participating in summer lacrosse tournaments, it's a great idea to have those games professionally videotaped. The competition level is high and college coaches can use that film to evaluate your lacrosse player!

Varsity Media also offers team packages with multiple copies for those families interested in using our services this summer. Our team package is so affordable your summer club team can't afford not to sign up!

We produce digital video files for any interested family on your team to help defer the cost of our service. We're available to travel all over the East Coast - including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Contact Us today to learn more at (585) 355-6777 or (516) 338-8615.


Contact Varsity Media to videotape your upcoming cheerleading event or competition. We travel nationwide, and produce HD videos at the event for friends and family to purchase. Contact us today and let Varsity Media be your event's video partner.

Corporate Videos:

Video is an important tool in helping your brand grow. Not only is it a good idea to have a company video on your website, but your business should also be using video as a branding tool on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Best of all, social media videos are short, quick, and to the point. Often times, 2 minutes or less in total time.

Let Varsity Media help grow your brand with our high quality video service. Our team can capture your ideas in 1 day or less! And our turnout time for editing is under a week.

Your organization can be promoting through video within 7 days of bringing Varsity Media in!

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