Soccer Video Production Services

Varsity Media has over 15 years experience videotaping soccer at every level. We are available to cover youth, modified, JV, varsity, college and even professional lacrosse. All of our cameras record in state of the art, 1080/60p High Definition. Our videographers film from the highest elevated area possible. Our video is digital and can be uploaded to any website.

Ask about our affordable videotaping prices for the entire team!

  • Coaches need professional video to help analyze a game and instruct players.
  • Athletes need professional video to help with college recruiting.
  • Parents enjoy professional video as a keepsake of their child's athletic achievements.

Varsity Media's edited college recruiting video gives an athlete the edge over his or her competition by standing out in front college coaches. With a tailored bio page, best highlights from the season, and edited identifiers such as arrows and circles, a college coach will receive a video that stands apart from all the rest!

College tuition costs keep rising, a small investment in our recruiting video package can go a long way for your athlete!